Video Camera Inspection

To reduce your costs and save time, we’ll use video camera inspection and our qualified operatives to survey your drain and identify any issues.

How a Video Camera Inspection Works

An underground septic tank survey is a highly efficient and cost-effective method for identifying problems from blockages or damage. A blocked or damaged drainage system can threaten a costly pollution incident or damage to your premises and other possessions.

Septic problems

Common problems that can be quickly identified include blockages by debris, tree roots, collapses and fatty deposits. You’ll also be able to see any issues caused by cracks, fractures and scaling as well as the condition of the joints. All of the issues found will be digitally marked on the footage for quick reference.

video camera inspection

Video Camera Inspection provides you with benefits

Getting to the root of the problem quickly is a top priority for our customers who believe they may have a collapsed septic or a blockage, which can cause flooding and pollution.

Without the need for excavation or major disruption, we use our remotely controlled cameras to travel along drains, capture high-quality video footage and identify all the issues from blockages or damage to the drainage system. The quality of the camera lens provides for a longer focal length so that you can see more detail.