Enzymes Treatment

Adding enzymes reduce surface and bottom solids in the septic tank. The friendly bacteria present in enzymes colonize on the food source, pipework, floor etc and continue the digestion process for as long as the food source exists. The waste product from these friendly bacteria is carbon dioxide and water.

Adding enzymes reduce surface and bottom solids in the septic tank. Buildup of surface and bottom solids can carry over to the leach fields and cause the leach field to become clogged. One the system in clogged the system has nowhere to drain and the tank fills up, causing backup in the home and wet areas in the yard.

Bio-Active Septic Treatment restores billions of the biological population of good worker bacteria and enzymes which reduce solids in septic tanks. The beneficial bacteria and enzymes also get carried over to the leach field to reduce solids and prevent clogging. A clogging leach field is the biggest problem for septic systems, and the hardest and most costly to repair.

BOB’s Sweetwater Pumping Service treatment also involves a detailed analysis of the waste water, production of a bespoke bacterial treatment solution to counter the main polluting elements which are added to the waste stream via an automated dosing system. Even after a few days, dramatic improvements in waste water quality can be observed which can result in huge savings in water treatment costs. We are so confident in our waste water treatment systems that we will demonstrate the effectiveness & potential savings at the customers’ facility over a two week period.

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