Septic Tank Services

Septic tank are buried for good reason! Nobody likes to think about what goes on in there. With that in mind, we make every effort to be a fast and efficient team, keeping the disruption of your property and your day to the bare minimum. Our bigger trucks also help with the ability to haul more in less time, which means lower rates for you!

The term ‘septic’ refers to the anaerobic bacterial environment that develops in a tank to decompose the waste discharged into it. It is a micro version of the main waste infrastructure and, working correctly, a simple solution for otherwise isolated or inaccessible locations.

The system consists of a tank and a soakaway, where the tank provides conditions in which the organic matter decomposes, so that the solids settle at the bottom as sludge; and the liquid effluent flows out through the soakaway (often a permeable chamber or system of perforated drains) so that it disperses (‘soaks away’) into the ground.

Naturally, there is strict regulation as to how, when and where the system discharges with fierce penalties for anyone flauting the law.

Septic Tank Services

What is the problem?

Odour, flooding and pollution are the most common issues with septic tanks, and may be caused by inadequate maintenance or faulty installation.

Smelling trouble: The tank should be adequately ventilated so that noxious gases disperse into the atmosphere without creating an odour nuisance. If you do notice a smell, it could be that the tank or soakaway is not functioning properly, and needs attention.

For instance, the biologically balanced digestion system of a septic tank may be negatively affected by flooding. The influx of too much water dilutes and flushes away ‘friendly’ bacteria which digests the waste. That, in turn, may force sludge and solids out of the tank, potentially blocking the soakaway.

Keep it working?

Here are a few simple rules for keeping your system in peak operating condition.

Make sure that the septic system is installed according to guidelines in the first place. Recommended criteria for the design and installation. And all sewage effluent discharges, irrespective of age, volume or location, must be registered with the Environment Agency.

Be aware that old adversary ‘FOG’ (aka fat, oils and grease) does not degrade readily and will lead to blockages in a septic system just as it would (and does) in the mains sewer network. Dispose of fat and food residue in the household waste, not down the drain.

Trust us

With Lanes looking after your septic system, you can be confident everything is taken care of. We will empty the tank, take care of all paperwork and dispose of the waste at a registered site, and check that your tank is good to go for the next twelve months — all without you having to ask.

Septic Tank Services

  • Septic Tank Emptying
  • Septic Tank Installation
  • Septic tank Cleaning

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