As a homeowner, you’ll more than likely be familiar with a few responsibilities around your house that need a little maintaining every now and again. From refreshing the décor to clearing out the drains, a little work here and there is what keeps your house a home, and the same goes for your septic tank should you have one.

You need to make sure your septic tank is properly maintained. If the tank becomes a problem for other members of the public, your local council or authority can and will get involved, insisting upon it being properly cleaned. If you have a permit for your tank, this will also outline set conditions that you’ll have to make sure you meet.

To meet these conditions, USA Govt guidance explains that you should make sure the septic tank is emptied at least once a year by a registered waste carrier. As well as this, the guidance explains how you should:

  • Make sure you inspect the area where your tank releases sewage on a monthly basis.
  • You should make sure there aren’t any signs of something in the system not working correctly around the area of your septic tank. This can include any unusual smells or water that’s not usually there.
  • The same applies if your sewage goes into water. Particular indicators of something having gone wrong or requiring attention include sludge that’s overflowing or scum on the water.
  • You should investigate the area thoroughly, and make sure you have a good look around to check nothing’s polluting the environment.
  • Make sure you carefully read your permit, as this will detail the list of requirements you need to make sure you meet.

Each year, you’ll need to appoint a registered waste carrier to empty your septic tank for you, and thankfully, here at Kamuela for Drains that’s something we’re certainly well-equipped for. Take a look at our page on septic tank for more information.

While it’s important to maintain your septic tank, it’s also essential to keep a detailed track of everything you’ve had to get done to it, any issues you’ve come across and any documents to prove its upkeep.

While owning a septic tank is a responsibility in itself, a few simple tasks here and there will make sure your tank stays safe, efficient, and fit for its essential everyday use.