The Science behind Septic Tank Cleaning

To have your septic tank working at full efficiency you need to keep the conditions right for the bacteria in the septic tank to be able to break down the solids contained in the waste water. To keep bacteria at a working range, waste water in the tank needs to be at an acidity level or pH level of 6.6 -7.6, the optimum level for bacteria is a pH between 7.0 – 7.2.

Put in simple terms, if you put acidic cleaners, bleach or strong disinfectant cleaners down your sink, they will eventually end up in your septic tank; thus, will change the pH level of the waste water in your septic tank, which will then affect the performance of the bacteria that break down the solids.

The solids or sludge in a septic tank can be broken up into two broad groups known as organic and inorganic solids. Organic solids are derived from living things, and contain carbon in their molecules, these types of solids can be broken down by bacteria. Inorganic solids are made up of non-living things and struggle to be broken down by bacteria.

No matter how well you look after your septic tank over time sludge will accumulate in it. This is what a septic tank is designed to do – capture the sludge/solids and let the liquid pass through it.  Good maintenance will prevent the rapid accumulation of organic sludge in your tank. At some stage, the inorganic sludge and part of the organic sludge – which has struggled to be broken down by bacteria, will eventually be required to be removed from the tank. The less sludge you have in a septic tank the more efficient it will work.

When you need the sludge removed from your septic tank, you will need to call Sludge busters. Sludge busters remove the sludge from the tank. The last thing that you want is for sludge levels in the tank to become so high that waste water cannot enter or exit the tank. This will cause your toilets and sinks in your house to block up, or your yard to flood. Too much sludge in a septic tank can cause it to flow into your septic systems distribution lines, effecting drainage efficiency and may also cause the drainage lines to block. This will mean expensive repairs.  Having your septic tank cleaned approximately every three years will keep your tank operating to maximum efficiency and increase the life span of your septic system.

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Keep Your Sewage System in Tip-top Condition


Ultimately, maintaining your sewage system will save you money in the long run. In accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations, regular maintenance and repair work should be undertaken and may cost roughly around $800 annually, whereas replacing a damaged system can incur a one off cost up to $16,000.


Look – check for pooling of wastewater or muddy ground surrounding your sewage system. Also, check for your sink and toilet backing up.

Smell – check for odors of sewage or a ‘rotten egg’ smell around your system or even in your basement or cellar.


Be water conscious – the volume of water your tank can hold will determine how often you need to empty it. If your tank holds less than 1000 gallons it will fill up faster and require servicing more regularly, therefore monitoring your water usage can greatly improve your systems working capacity.

Protect your tank – try not to put anything heavy on the ground over or around your tank or soak-away such as a shed, parked car, above ground pool or hot tub. This can compromise the effectiveness of the soak-away.

Only flush biodegradable products – ideally only toilet paper and waste water should be flushed down your toilet; try not to flush anything non-biodegradable or chemicals. Flushing solids down your toilet can clog the tank and soak-away and chemicals can kill bacteria that help break down solids.

Finally, Consult the Experts! – Septic Tanks and Cesspits offer a comprehensive maintenance & repair service, providing inspections and pump repairs in order to ensure your sewage system is running smoothly.


Best Price and Services for Sewer Main Repair & Sewer Camera Inspection in Waimea

If you need main sewer line repair – sewer camera inspection in Waimea is one of the best ways for a Waimea sewer repair to accurately identify and fix the problem. Sewer main repair is often needed on residential properties when parts of the pipe develop a crack, break completely, or sink downward into the ground.

Sewer camera inspection uses the latest in video technology. Sewer camera inspection service company uses fiber optic cameras that connect to a monitor via a CCTV system, allowing professionals to look up close at exactly what’s going on down in your sewer.

We routinely use sewer camera inspection in Waimea before beginning to perform sewer main repair at Waimea homes and businesses, so that we can make sure we’ve correctly identified the problem. Sewer cameras can spot many common problems, including:

Invasive tree roots. Tree root systems often grow into your sewer lines through small openings or cracks in the pipes, causing blockage, pipe damage, and other problems.

Pipe “bellying.” Sections of sewer pipe can buckle downward, a phenomenon referred to as a “bellied pipe.” This obstructs normal water flow and strains the pipes.

Cracked or broken sewer lines. Sewer camera inspection can also pinpoint the location and size of cracks or breaks in the sewer line, which can often be fixed with trenchless sewer main repair techniques.

If you’re dealing with perpetually clogged fixtures, sewage smells, basement flooding, and other signs of a broken or clogged sewer main line, don’t wait for fast, professional repairs. Call us now at Bobs Pumping for fast, effective sewer main repair, at 808-885-7159.

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List of do’s and don’ts for your septic system maintenance

Tips to take care of your Septic System

Septic Do’s

Pumping is the only effective way to prevent the clogging of the leach field and save the life of your septic system.

Use only biodegradable soaps, toilet paper and cleaning products that contain no phosphorus. Look for “environmentally safe” or “septic system safe” product.

Septic Don’ts

  • Never flush any plastics or personal hygiene products down your toilet.
  • Never allow any toxic chemicals to enter the septic system as they kill the much needed bacteria contained therein. Examples of these are: paint, thinner, gasoline, pesticides, and drain cleaners.
  • Do not over bleach toilets.
  • Prevent any cooking grease, fat or oils from entering your septic system. Use a can or jar to contain these items in. DO NOT pour them down your drain.
  • Do not drive heavy cars, trucks over septic system.
  • Do not install above ground pool over existing septic system.

Keep your septic system in working order. Call 808-885-7159 right now for a FREE estimate for all of your septic system installation, repairs and service.

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Septic System Inspections: A Guide for Homeowners

If you want your septic tank to work as well as it should, it’s important to work with the professionals and have regular septic tank inspections in Waimea. A septic tank inspection isn’t too much of an ordeal, and it can benefit your plumbing system in many ways. If you don’t undergo these inspections, you could find yourself dealing with all kinds of problems. Read on to find out what homeowners should know about septic system inspections.

The Inspection Process

Inspection is a typical part of routine maintenance, even when it comes to septic tanks. Your team of septic tank maintenance professionals will look at your tank to monitor the levels and ensure that all the parts are in working order. If you’re overdue for pumping, you can set up an appointment right then and there. If anything is out of working order, you can also make plans to deal with the given problem.

How It Helps

If you are a homeowner who has never dealt with a septic tank problem, you should count yourself among the lucky ones. If you are a homeowner who would like to ensure that you never have to deal with an issue like this, you need to have regular septic tank inspections. Hiring a professional septic tank company for regular inspections can help to keep your system functioning properly, which means you get to avoid the hassle of scrambling for repairs. Even if you’re not in danger of a real malfunction, regular inspections can make sure that your system is operating as well as it should.

Problems You Might Deal With

There are 3 specific problems that tend to crop up when the septic system malfunctions: leaks, clogs, and soil compaction. Leaks and backups can both be unpleasant to deal with, especially considering the odors that will most likely be involved. Compacted soil tends to be a little more difficult to recognize, but your septic tank professional can look at the drain field to see if your soil composition is favorable or not.

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Why Choose Bobs Pumping to Unblock Drains in Kamuela?

We charge a set price to clear a blocked drain. This is agreed by you before work commences.

  • No call out fee to unblock drains.
  • We have lower overheads by not being a franchise, so we can pass better drain unblocking rates onto our customers.
  • All drain and plumbing work is guaranteed.
  • Fully insured.
  • Free camera drain survey available to every client.
  • All our drain clearance engineers and plumbers are security checked, courteous and tidy.
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Our plumbers provide Drain Clearance in Kamuela – We service household and commercial customers, as well as contracts for hotels, letting agents, restaurants, property management companies, clubs and pubs, councils, NHS, Councils, insurance companies and offices.

Our customer service is unmatched and our plumbers and drain cleaners perform courtesies such as wearing shoe covers before entering your home or business premises. All customers receive the best service and complete peace of mind when they call Bobs Pumping Plumbing & Drainage.

Our plumbing and drain unblocking service covers Kamuela and all surrounding areas.

Call Bobs Pumping first for blocked drains

We’ll get our approved local Kamuela plumbers to unblock your drain rapidly. After our plumbers have been, we always ensure a courtesy call is made from our office to ensure you were totally happy with our service as customer satisfaction is key with Bobs Pumping!

Great Value drain repairs

Bobs Pumping can provide residents and businesses across Kamuela with a  free CCTV drain Inspection with each blocked drain we clean to ensure the blockage is completely clear. It will also enable us to see if there is any drain damage. If drain damage is discovered we can advise on the best solution to fix the problem and make any necessary drain repairs.

If your drain has no damage and you just have a blocked drain, you only pay for the drain unblocking.

Drain Clearance in Kamuela

When you call Bobs Pumping we will arrange our drain clearance engineers to look at your drain problem and then unblock and clear your drain. All our drain clearance engineers are fully qualified and have plenty of experience in drain cleaning, so relax, your blocked drains are in good hands with Bobs Pumping.

How Did You Get A blocked drain?

Bobs Pumping is your local expert in Drain Unblocking in Kamuela but we also conduct a full drain survey report of how the blocked drain was caused. We have huge experience with blocked drains and can advise if your drain problem is likely to be covered by your accidental insurance cover. We can also deal directly with your insurance company to make things run as smoothly as possible and get your drains back to full working order as soon as possible.

Bobs Pumping are trusted drainage contractors and proud to be the drains company that businesses and residents return to for unblocking blocked drains, drain repair and drain maintenance.

What Our Customers Say About Us:

Customer satisfaction is paramount with Bobs Pumping and we welcome all feedback from our customers. Whenever we unblock a drain in Kamuela we always ask our customers how we performed. You can see our feedback on our Google, Facebook and Yelp website page.

Bobs Pumping offer a 24-hour emergency call out service to all areas of Kamuela. We will repair frozen pipes, burst pipes, broken toilets, ball valves, toilet cisterns, leaky taps and many other plumbing problems such as blocked drains and drain repair. We aim to get to a job rapidly and will act promptly to put the emergency right.

Our plumbers are highly trained individuals with years of experience. We quote a set price before we commence work and stick to the price no matter how long a job takes. All our plumbing work is guaranteed.

Are you looking for Septic Cleaning in Kamuela?

Bobs Pumping technicians are specialist gutter cleaners in Kamuela and the surrounding areas including Kamuela and Waimea.

So, if you need your gutters cleaned in Kamuela, call us now on 808-883-2400.



Drain Cleaning and Plumbing Services by Bobs Pumping

Bobs Pumping, Waimea is a successful plumbing and drain cleaning company working throughout Kamuela, Waimea and the surrounding areas.

We carry out both reactive emergency works and planned maintenance works in prominent commercial areas such as Garden Market, the Malls areas as well as retail parks and industrial estates and many domestic premises.

Drain Cleaning Waimea All Areas

With more than 20 years’ experience of clearing blockages in drains, pipes, roof outlets, guttering, etc, Bobs Pumping are a premier provider of Waimea Drain Cleaning and Plumbing Services. We have a variety of methods available for dealing with drain cleaning and plumbing problems including:

Drain Rodding  Electro-Mechanical Cleaning  High Pressure Drain Jetting

Emergency Blocked Drain Services and Maintenance

Blockages in drains, especially those which occur in commercial premises, are not only costly in terms of clearing the blockage, but there’s also the related loss of revenue if your shop, restaurant, bar or other business is unable to trade because of a blocked drain.

Many of our clients now choose to opt for a planned drain cleaning and plumbing maintenance programme. These regular drain cleaning visits greatly minimise the risks of drain and plumbing blockages.

Of course, if you are experiencing a blocked drain right now we can help. Call our freephone 808-883-2400 and we’ll get an emergency team out to you.

CCTV Drainage Surveys and Inspections

We also offer a high-quality CCTV drainage surveys. These surveys are particularly useful for identifying problematic or recurring blockages and for drain surveys prior to a property purchase.

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Bob’s Pumping 1st stop for all your Drain Cleaning, CCTV Surveys and Plumbing needs.

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The Risks of Not Cleaning Your Grease Trap

It’s easy to take your grease trap and septic tank in Waimea for granted when everything is working properly. However, if you should encounter an issue with your septic tank, it will be impossible to ignore. A malfunctioning septic system can create a very unpleasant odor, and can keep your plumbing fixtures from working. Everyone with a septic system should understand what to do to maintain it to avoid the inconvenience and hazards of a broken system. If you are a restaurant owner, you should maintain your septic system as well as your grease trap. Read on to learn about the risks of not cleaning your grease trap.

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A grease trap is used to keep grease, fats, and oils from getting into the water system. It is not enough to simply have a grease trap at your restaurant—you must also be vigilant about maintaining it with hydro jetting. If there is too much grease in the trap, it will start to emit very unpleasant odors. This could hurt business at your restaurant, as the smell may be strong enough to turn customers away. Your employees can also be affected by a full or clogged grease trap, as they will be subject to the foul odors while they are trying to do their jobs.

Fire Hazards

In addition to making the air around your restaurant quite malodorous, a grease trap that hasn’t been cleaned can create a dangerous fire hazard. Full grease traps can catch on fire very easily, and grease fires may spread quicker and be more difficult to put out than other types of fires. Don’t risk the health and safety of your employees and customers, and be sure to get your grease trap hydro jet cleaned regularly.

Financial Problems

If making your restaurant a cleaner, safer place isn’t incentive enough for you to have your grease trap hydro jetted, consider that a full grease trap could lead to fines. When authorities find grease in the water supply, they can determine where it is coming from. If your restaurant is the source, you could be looking at hefty fines.

Contact Bob’s Pumping for quick septic tank services.

Important Maintenance Tips to Avoid Expensive Repairs

Everyone seems to have their own ways to avoid expensive repairs. Sometimes, some duct tape and a wish are enough to postpone trouble, but the truth of the matter is—it’s going to come back and haunt you sooner or later. Ignoring problems rarely makes them go away, and in most cases, it actually makes things worse! Luckily, there are real ways to avoid expensive repairs on plumbing in Waimea, and they’re easy to do. It all comes down to proper, regular maintenance.

When it comes to the bathroom, ventilation is key. Whenever you run water in the bathtub or take a shower, be sure to keep the fan on. If your shower doesn’t have a fan, open a window. In the absence of both, it might be time to invest in a good dehumidifier. Excess moisture can gather and cause mildew, which can develop into mold, so it’s best to keep things dry.

One of the most common Waimea plumbing complaints is low water pressure in the shower. Before you make the service call, try this tip: clean your shower head. You can detach it and leave it in vinegar overnight, which will dissolve the buildup (this trick works on coffee makers, too!). If you’re lucky, then voila! Your water pressure will be back to normal.

In the kitchen, ventilation is still important. It’s easy to clean and air out your cabinets if you take everything out beforehand. It’s a great opportunity to throw out expired food or medications—two birds with one stone! This will prevent any mold from growing in your cabinets and causing expensive problems later.

Another common complaint about plumbing in Waimea stems from an odorous garbage disposal. To keep your garbage disposal smelling fresh, run cold water and ice cubes through. You can also throw in some lemon or orange peels for a citrus scent.

Remember, if you ever do experience problems with your plumbing in Waimea, Need a Plumber “Bobs pumping” is standing by 24/7 to take care of you! Call us to address problems before they get bigger—you’ll be glad you did.

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What Usually Causes a Sewer Backup?

Frequent sewer backups can be a sign of more than just a clogged pipe. If you have frequent backups, you may need a thorough inspection of your plumbing system to determine the cause.

Sewer Backup Caused by Clogs

The most common type of sewer backup is from clogged pipes. The combination of toilet paper, hair, soap scum and grease (as well as a two-year-old’s fascination with what will and will not flush) are common causes of sewer backups. If you have a backup that’s affecting more than one toilet or sink, you could have a problem that requires a plumber. This could be a sign of an issue with your main sewer line and may indicate a problem that can’t be solved with the help of a plunger or bottle of drain cleaner.

Common sewer backups can be prevented with regular maintenance and by using your drains properly. A toilet used as a trash bin will clog. Items such as cleaning wipes, diapers, napkins, and many other hygiene items should not go in the toilet. They should be disposed of properly in the trash, and not flushed.

Additionally, kitchen grease should not be poured down your sink, and garbage disposals should not be loaded with large quantities of kitchen waste. However, while proper use can prevent many common sewer pipe backups, other problems aren’t as evident.

Tree Roots Can Cause a Sewer Backup

Most sewer pipes lie just beneath the surface of your lawn, and as trees grow, their roots can penetrate your sewer line, clogging it and resisting any attempt by you to remedy the problem. With the use of sewer video inspection, plumbers are able to look directly into your pipes and find the problem.

Even though you may not have a tree near your sewer lines, tree roots can cross property boundaries and may be located far away from where their source. If you have a sewer line that’s been infiltrated, the roots will need to be cut away and the pipe repaired or replaced.

Collapsed Pipes Can Cause a Sewer Backup

Many of the homes across the U.S., such as those in Sacramento, California, are over 100 years old. Common sewer pipe materials, in their original installations, are often comprised of clay, Orangeburg material and cast iron.

As they age, these pipes are prone to crack or collapse.

Do You Have a Commercial Sewer Backup?

Commercial buildings have different plumbing requirements than homes. For instance, restaurants and other businesses with food waste may require a grease trap. Grease traps that are not cleaned on a regular basis can result in a sewer backup in your business, and can ultimately cause you to shut your doors for good.

Commercial buildings have a high volume of traffic and the number of people using its facilities can easily cause a sewer backup. Regular maintenance by a professional plumber can head these problems off before they’re an issue.

Sewer Backup Caused by your Municipality

The main sewer lines that carry waste away from homes and businesses can clog and cause a backup with relative ease. When this happens, nothing you can do will fix the problem except calling your local city or municipality. This is more common in homes with basements, because drains lower in your home can get sewer backup from a clogged municipal sewer systems.

Do You Have Frequent Sewer Backups? Call a Bobs Pumping

If you have frequent sewer backups or sewer leakages in your yard that are causing an insect problem, or if you have a smelly, soggy yard, you need to call a plumber and have your sewer system inspected right away.

A sewer backup can affect your own health and your family’s health, and cause your normal life to turn upside down. If you need help, contact us today for a full inspection of your sewer system.