bobs pumping tips

List of do’s and don’ts for your septic system maintenance

Tips to take care of your Septic System

Septic Do’s

Pumping is the only effective way to prevent the clogging of the leach field and save the life of your septic system.

Use only biodegradable soaps, toilet paper and cleaning products that contain no phosphorus. Look for “environmentally safe” or “septic system safe” product.

Septic Don’ts

  • Never flush any plastics or personal hygiene products down your toilet.
  • Never allow any toxic chemicals to enter the septic system as they kill the much needed bacteria contained therein. Examples of these are: paint, thinner, gasoline, pesticides, and drain cleaners.
  • Do not over bleach toilets.
  • Prevent any cooking grease, fat or oils from entering your septic system. Use a can or jar to contain these items in. DO NOT pour them down your drain.
  • Do not drive heavy cars, trucks over septic system.
  • Do not install above ground pool over existing septic system.

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