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Maintaining Your Septic All year Round

Maintaining your property’s septic isn’t one of the most glamorous or enjoyable tasks associated with home ownership, but taking time to keep on top of things now can help prevent serious problems and costly repairs or replacement jobs at a later date. Here are some simple ways in which you can keep your gutters running smoothly and address any issues as soon as they appear.

Check Your Septic Regularly

The best time to check your septic functions is during heavy rain. Head outside and walk around your entire property, carefully looking at every section of guttering and keeping an eye out for leaks or overflowing sections. Simple leaks can often be repaired by a competent, but serious damage might mean the entire section needs replacing. If you notice any overflowing, a blockage is the most likely cause, so check it out when the rain stops. Check downpipes if there is no sign of a debris build-up in the gutters themselves, as larger objects or heavy build-ups can clog the downpipe.

It’s also important to regularly check you’re septic in dry conditions. Watch for cracks, loose joints, rust and any damage to the fixings that secure your guttering to your property walls.

Keeping your septic Clean

Septic are notorious for collecting build-ups of dirt, leaves and other debris. The damp conditions of guttering are also the perfect breeding ground for moss. As you can’t see into your guttering from the ground, you’ll need to head up a ladder to inspect and clear your gutters. The level of debris you can expect to find will vary hugely depending on where you live. If you’re in a greener environment with lots of plants and trees, you will find your gutters fill up with leaves far more quickly than in more urban areas. Don a sturdy pair of gloves, grab a heavy duty bin bag and scoop out any dirt and debris from your gutters regularly to keep them functioning satisfactorily.

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