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Rain affecting your septic tank? We can help!

This is a great time of year for many reasons, but one major downside is the unpredictable California weather.  Each year we’re told we’re going to get the coldest, hardest winter we’ve seen in decades….and yet all we seem to get is a whole load of rain.  Torrential downpours and flooding seem much more likely these days than a white Christmas.  So, is all that rain affecting your septic tank?  And what can you do about it?

Rain can cause septic tank problems for a number of reasons.  The biggest one is that a huge increase in rain can cause your septic tank to physically pop out of the ground!  Luckily it’s not as dramatic as it might sound, if you’re imagining your septic tank whizzing through the air like a firework.  Typically, it will lift out of the ground – sometimes only by a few inches, other times by a number of feet. Here’s what I’m talking about:

septic tank kamuela

This is a picture of a sewage treatment plant which has lifted up out of the ground, since heavy rain can affect any type of off mains drainage tank.

Unfortunately, it’s not just a case of getting all your friends round to apply a bit of elbow grease to get it back where it should be.  The biggest problem when this happens is that the pipe running from your house to the tank shears…..meaning that all the waste from your property just flows straight into the ground – or into the hole that your tank has left behind.  Getting the tank back in the ground is a big task, especially as it needs to be reconnected to any pipes that run in or out of it.  The good news is that you might be covered by your building insurance or the cost of putting things right! This means we can manage everything on your behalf, at no extra cost.  Call us today on 808 885 7159 to find out more.

So, what other signs can there be of rain affecting your septic tank?

The thing with septic tanks is that you often don’t know there’s a problem underground, until you start to notice problems above ground.  And unfortunately heavy rain can often bring septic tank problems up to the surface.  If there’s damage to your septic tank, such as a split in the wall, you might not know about it until a downpour means that ground water gushes in and suddenly your tank needs emptying more often.

As ever, the best thing to do is keep your eyes peeled for any signs of possible trouble:

  • Your septic tank needing emptying more frequently than usual
  • Boggy patches of ground appearing above your septic tank or soak away system
  • Your toilets taking longer to flush than usual, or gurgling sounds in your pipes

The first thing to do is to get your septic tank emptied, as this may remedy the problem.  If it doesn’t, then just give our team a call on 808 885 7159  and we’ll help you to get to the bottom of it.

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