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Maintaining Residential Septic Systems

Maintaining residential septic systems often isn’t on homeowner’s minds until something goes wrong. While the maintenance should be left to the professionals, there are some things that homeowners can do to ensure their system are working properly. Homeowner vigilance goes hand-in-hand with the services that are offered by Bobs Pumping Septic.

Make sure that any drain clogs are taken care of immediately. Drain clogs can contribute to solids in the tank. Don’t try to force them down, but opt for professional drain cleaning so that the clog can be properly removed. In fact, you don’t want to force anything down a drain that shouldn’t go there. For instance, baby wipes shouldn’t go down a toilet, contrary to any claim that it’s okay.

You can also inspect the area around your residential septic system occasionally. Make sure you don’t smell anything unusual, that the ground isn’t soft, and that the grass in the area of your septic tank and drain field isn’t longer or greener than the rest. If you notice something unusual, it is a good idea to make the call and have the system inspected.

By being vigilant, you can prevent problems with residential septic systems. Even if a problem comes about, prompt action can make a difference in how serious the issue is. If you have an emergency, you can get the guidance you need.

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